Hot Wheels garāža City Downtown Track Set Assortment


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Hot Wheels garāža City Downtown Track Set Assortment

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The Hot Wheels™ City Downtown Assortment allows kids to create their own cityscape loaded with stunts and cool adventures. Each set plays into the Hot Wheels™ City nemesis theme, incorporating elements that a creature could be lurking nearby, just waiting to pounce. They all connect to other Hot Wheels® sets through multiple connection points and each comes with one Hot Wheels® vehicle for push-around play straight out of the box. With familiar locations such as a repair station, a burger drive-thru, a car wash and parking garage, kids will want to collect them all for endless storytelling possibilities. Each sold separately, subject to availability. Colors and decorations may vary.

  • Create the ultimate cityscape with each of the Hot Wheels™ City Downtown sets that feature recognizable locations and play into the nemesis creature theme. This is where the excitement happens!
  • The collection includes a repair station, burger drive-thru, car wash and parking garage set that connect to each other as well as other Hot Wheels® sets. Each sold separately.
  • Each set includes 1 Hot Wheels® toy car for immediate play and fun straight out of the box.
  • Kids overcome challenges and develop their storytelling skills through creative push-around play.
  • Each set of the Hot Wheels™ City Downtown collection makes a great gift for kids 4 to 8 years old and timeless collectors who love the detail and character of the Hot Wheels® brand.
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